9 things we were seen from Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer (part 2)

The timelines may overlap

A scene in the trailer depicts a blonde-haired lady telling an unseen person that they are the only person that she trusts anymore. The issue of trust is interesting, because it indicates that relationships are breaking down. This could refer to the in-fighting that happened in the gang; links soured between Dutch and Bill Williamson, with the latter heading off to form his own gang. If the game does portray the fracture of the Van der Linde gang, then we could see the timeline overlap, or even run concurrently, with the events of Red Dead Redemption.

It may be set in three different states

During the trailer, Morgan comments that “law men in three different states are after us.” This could be mere flavour dialogue, but the footage clearly shows a variety of different environments that could, theoretically, represent numerous different states. Furthermore, Morgan also says that the law men “chased us from the west, over the mountains.” If this dialogue is from late in the game, we could take part in this long-form chase. It would explain the change from snowy mountainous regions to alligator-infested swamplands. This also nicely matches the dual America/Mexico setting of the first Red Dead Redemption.

If Rockstar are sticking with a single locale as they traditionally do for Grand Theft Auto, then our bet is something inspired by either Montana or Wyoming; they are both inland western states with a mountain region, which matches the journey the gang are apparently undertaking. While these states are actually in the north, Rockstar will have relocated their geography much closer to the south, since several scenes feature plantation houses, and the bayou swamp areas are far more characteristic of places like Louisiana. Plus, if the rumours of the original map being part of Red Dead Redemption’s expanded world is true, then we will be revisiting the Texas-like New Austin.

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Stealth could be important

Talking of that bayou scene, the events there appear to suggest that stealth will be important, at least in certain missions. Three members of the gang can be seen sneakily wading through the swamp under the cover of darkness, with the trailer then cutting to a stealth takedown attack with a knife. There are also plenty of shots of gang members using bandana masks to conceal their identities.

More recent Grand Theft Auto games have featured rudimentary stealth, so it doesn’t seem out of the question for Rockstar to develop that style of play further, especially when it comes to ambush heist tactics.

Hunting is back…

We never doubted that hunting would be a part of Red Dead Redemption II; it is such a key component of the original. But the trailer certainly confirms that it will be back, with some interesting wildlife to boot. As previously mentioned, the swamp areas appear to be filled with scaly beasts (perfect for a new set of boots), and Morgan can be seen readying a bow and arrow for a silent hunt.

… and horse breaking, too

This is another feature that was practically confirmed by the mere existence of the game, but it looks like horse breaking will return, if the trailer is to be believed. Morgan can be seen lassoing a horse, so expect a mini-game for taming wild mustangs. Yeehaw!

That’s everything we spotted in the trailer, but did your eagle eyes notice any further details? Let us know in the comments. 

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